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@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 - when the Catholic Church has said that: human nature is positive? is this mode: that: he spat against the sacrifice of the cross ... Christians are all to groping in the dark about: the meaning of Sacred Scripture: completely ignore what does it mean for them: the fact that: they have received a divine nature and who are children of God ... in this way? is better to be Jewish or anything else, that being a Christian hypocrites! The Catechism of St. Pius X, or the "imitation of Christ" for the seminarians? is 100 times better: of this psychologism: or pedagogy: of Today: what else is not: that: an advertisement for atheism! and what I'm saying? is shown by the statistics! that thing could be imported to the Jews: for the welfare of Christianity, or vice versa? In reality, the Kingdom of God is a single organism: so: all we have to work: hard: for the spiritual improvement: of everyone! to each: then: must be of great work: for the happiness of all! only: if all religions are properly understood, we can build: a new civilization and a new wellness .. otherwise, everything will be broken: by the nuclear world war, that is about to rise. it is important: for example, that all must indicate at the Hindus: as is just, and perfect to be Hindus .. etc. .. because: if the ministers do not fosserro were: all of the assholes? they would have reported: the banking seigniorage: and would not have become: the prey of any form of racism(for go in the Hell) that still today: port hundreds of innocent people to die: for this intolerance: every day! - Revelations 2 9 I know your works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but you are rich) and I know the blasphemy of them who say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Revelations 3 9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. - When: I saw the assembly: "sheol or Hades" wait outside: Outside of the Atrium of the Temple of Heaven: they were billions of people: all pray to God: "Help him! you give the force to him." I could not know: what would be my job! No one shall be saved: through: his religious bullshit: if your heart does not become pure as the heart of a child? it is impossible to enter the kingdom of God! In truth, those people wore: again, the weight of their sins, though: their have pure heart! since: in fact, they were not descended into hell! ["LORD, help it grow! LORD give him THE POWER!"] My ministry has become so heavy that, I would not get out of bed in the morning! But, is this: that I am safe: if the whole human race will not come from me, in obedience to my instructions? no survives to himself, to his evil: this time: for the 3 rd WWnuclear! Because: you just keep quiet about: the banking seigniorage: to go to hell: that is, you have become accomplice: of crimes: immense! or simply to be a rich man: inside: of a system that crushes the peoples and the poor: there is no future for you: in the Kingdom of God: to all those who supports: the Talmud: the Sharia or any: other form of racism .. in return? no oath to Satan (masonry, etc. ..): can be a legal document! Why is only God and His Unius Rei: that have an jurisdiction eternal! the rebels will be wiped out!- I am a Zionist for the Kingdom of Israel: and no one: do not want be vulgar to think that: I have interest in doing the King! Since, this throne of Israel and Palestine is crucial: for the whole destiny of mankind? I would be proud: happy only if: I had given: only: a contribution: "cultural" because: if you are not unconscious? This is a task of tremendous responsibility! .. and perhaps you should think of someone who is better than me (God willing). you do not believe that it is quite bad: the fact that: I hope to defend Israel and our Patriarchs: but, I have to fight: also: against you? Because you too: are most importantly: you are the Satanists of the bank seigniorage! In my fight against: you: that you are the Satanists of the bank seigniorage! In my fight against: importantly: you are the Satanists of the bank seigniorage! In my fight against: the Zionism satanism of Rothschild IMF NWO? In this mode: I am doing something dangerous as well: for future generations of innocent Jews (this has made ​​it clear to me: the Metaphysics), but: my: is a side effect: inevitable .. to do understand: something: at a mule? is easier than to figure doing it out of you!
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@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 .---- brothers! I have my divine nature, and my perfect and dynamic perpetual: sanctification: for mercy: of Jesus of Bethlehem, the Christ! However, I as Toaf? we are Zionists for the kingdom of Israel! is this great love that I have given up: removed: my identity: Nationality: Religion! What you see me? is only a shell! I have become: truly, the heart of the world: the universal brotherhood! has arrived: for you: time to eliminate from your symbol is the Star of Satan that: is the IMF! The work that: I'm doing, "Christian blood: in Jewish rites": "as a substitute for the sacrifices of the Temple!" is the my work: the most painful work of my life .. but I do not want publish it: on your page so that: the whole world to know: what: I have decided: of not to move against you, no charge: and not any condemnation!

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@ComunitaEbraicaRoma,2628342.-­­­­­- fratelli! io devo la mia natura divina e la mia perfetta: e dinamica: perpetua: santificazione a: Gesù di Betlemme: il Cristo! Tuttavia, io come Toaf? noi siamo sionisti per il regno di Israele! è per questo grande amore: che, io ho rinunciato alla mia identità: nazionalità: religione! Quello che voi vedete di me? è soltanto un involucro! io sono diventato: veramente: il cuore del mondo: la fratellanza universale! è arrivato: per voi: il momento di eliminare dal vostro simbolo: la stella di satana che: è il FMI! Il lavoro: che: io sto facendo: è il lavoro: più doloroso lavoro: della mia vita.. ma: io non lo pubblicherò: sulla vostra pagina: affinché: tutto il mondo sappia: che: io ho deciso: di non muovere contro di voi nessuna accusa!

- rabby are enlightened! These days, I have worked with: very hard: about: a secret document, that is in the comments: of my "mrUniversalMetaphysc" because: for Rabbis? Talmud is more important: that Torah(blasphemy apostasy)! is why, all mankind is in danger of imminent destruction, as the Talmud says that God created all men, like animals in human form to be exploited by the Jews: IMF-World Order! Unfortunately, the silence of: "aspiaino: ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342"? plead guilty all the rabbis: for to be accomplices: of this murderous agenda against all the Nations! is why, have decided to destroy completely: even the State of Israel. this will be evident if you want to study this document: in:
do not be afraid of malware: or viruses, why, there is no: it is just a red herring: of our system: the banking system of Jewish and Masonic of seigniorage banking transfert, which dominates against all us

@VoteDeadSea - now, you will understand: who I am, and who are the enlightened, but, perhaps, all this for you, is not a surprise .. I hope that when this one: 3 ° WW nuclear is over: you will be prepared to worship Lucifer!
@Ladies and Gentlemen: This is how they think the masters of the world! all this can be read from you: on my page! Since: Zionists Enlightened are these: to have the control of the NWO-IMF: this time, when everything will be destroyed and all will die: you finally understand who were the real designers: of any burnt offering or Shoah: against: my people Israel!
by: 30/Mar/2008: my "lorenzojhwh" through 6 hours of work for each day of the year: I have today: Sunday, November 13: 2011: I have shown: 1. the scientific substantiation: of all the accusations of Jesus Christ of Bethlehem: against: the scribes and Pharisees! 2. in which mortal threat to their satanic: Talmud was forced to live the precious seed of Abraham, that is, my people Israel in the last 2500 years! Today? Israel, along with all other nations are in: immediate and imminent: danger of destruction: because these crazy: the enlightened rabbis: they are the owners: IMF-New World Order, namely: the International Masonic system: the bank seigniorage here because: the 3 rd WW nuclear is inevitable! Only a Satanist could say that I am an anti-Semite! Nothing is more frightening: the silence of the rabbis of all: the world on this topic!
@aspiaino: @ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 .-- Today: Sunday at 8.05 hours: the [13: November 2012] and one of my three priests: he asked me: "what you think: this financial crisis?" and: this is very strange because I have always lived: in a absolute institutional isolation! and: also: for all the questions made ​​by me: at my priests?: I never received an answer: culturally valid! -ANSWER- I said: this depression is physiologically: essential before one new World War: for if they do not kill many people: and if there are not massive destruction, that is for forcing the need for a credit for the reconstruction ? Then, the IMF can not be renewed: as was understood: by Ezra Poud ..
@strangeventswatcher - YOU'RE FOLLOWING, my WORK ON MY CHANNEL? this channel has become too important because of my work about the Talmud .. Today it has become clear: not all rabbis are "illuminati": but certainly, all enlightened, they are all Rabbis! soon: very soon, perhaps today! I will go away: definitely from this my channel, prevents this, but you will not have trouble finding me in another one of my other channel: where: I'll move with my work! [[non avere paura oggi: se tu non vuoi vedere morire: i tuoi figli domani]]
@ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342. is obvious: there are: holy rabbis among: you, who cry and beg God every day to see my day (the Jewish Messiah of Mercy): for out of all this satanism, of the Talmud, to see done all: the hopes and all the prophecies of blessing over Israel: because: "Truly, truly: I tell you, no racist can enter the kingdom of God and if you do not work: my authority: for to raise: my Kingdom of Israel, all you'll see your children: as, die in 2013. "In fact, you blaspheme: forever and again: the name of Holy God, when you believe in the Talmud, which says, "all Christians are animals in human form: chickens, and then say that God created the GOIM: for your: seigniorage banking of IMF: for any exploitation of all peoples .. etc.. but: how can it be of sound mind: a man who believes: to all the bullshit of the Koran or the Talmud?
because Christianity is the truth, while everything else is a lie? Why: only Christianity knows: why: Some angels have made ​​a rebellion to be become demons .. all the others? make a detestable crime: blasfemy and apostasy: since. for thinking, that God has created also: even the evil or impure things, or animals in human form as GOIM (cf:. talmud) now I understand: 1. because you do not want to talk with me and 2. because you are the curse of Israel for its destruction! is the satanic Talmud, which has made ​​you: satanists! So, you forget, that God made only: terrestrial paradise: and only a part of it is deteriorated, because of the treachery of men .. But God did not want the current state of our planet! When Moses went up only: Mount "Sinai" alone? to none of the people were allowed, not even to touch the feet of the mountain! and none (of all people) would have tried: the great terror of these moment! Now, who has not lost: the simplicity of a child, he would know: easily: as, God: YHWH has intended only and solely entrust the word of God to Moses and not at the Talmud satanic .. and in fact, YHWH has sent many prophets to say: stop ! to making money at interest, it is something: of objectively: an abomination .. as if to say that, the verse in the Torah: to make money at interest against GOIM? I do not have dictated, but it was an operation of the racism of the priests of the Temple of Jerusalem!

@2628342 -- shalom + salam = love = blessings too! I am the political project of the Kingdom of Israel! Indeed, God has make did die, the her husband, the sons of Naomi because they had left their country: for refusing to purify their sins during the famine! What is the bank seigniorage? sell the money created from nothing, even with interest? is for to destroy the nations? yes, this is satanism of Rothschild, Rochefeller, etc.? this is what God wants? because the Jews do not speak of bank seigniorage? What does this mean for a jew who is faithful to Moses? because the Talmud says words so bad: against "GOIM", this can make of the Talmud, a book that explains theTorah with authority? or a most important book of the Torah? thanks for the answer!
@2628342 - two strange guys? ie, "humanumgenus" and "ShalomGerusalemme"? They are saying that, you do not want to achieve: the kingdom of Israel, because, in reality, you want to become the masters of the world, through the Illuminati: Rothschilds and Rochefeller .. but, I do not know, what to think of you .. Certainly, the fact that you never to make a video, against of the signioraggio bank? This is evident, does not induce to think well of you!
@2628342 - during: the 2012 "enlightened" with their nuclear weapons, they will "sterilize" all forms of life on the planet. so, coming out from their underground cities: as Noah, along with their Satanists: they re-colonize the planet! for to impose their only religion: that is masonic Lucifer! maybe: you will join at my political project: in fact, I'm the King of Israel, according to the Genealogy of Melchisek
@ 2628342 - great violence took place .. between our communities .. but, I am sure, without the criminal practice of usury? they would not have occurred! and you must remove the causes: all of this hatred that is generate, of the Jewish for International Monetary Fund: that involves a corporatist sinners of all Jews in this work: cynicism, racism, cruelty, plunder and predation, which operates the bank seigniorage .. In fact, Jews are very rich, and like all the rich .. were involved in the complicity of the Masonic system and plutocratic! I believe that the Illuminati are so intelligent that they are aware of going to hell, because it is not a religious practice devoid of justice! .. that can save, or a universal crime? it will never be justified with God
1/2 ANONIMUS said: Nice to please, pray for me that I have sinned much very nice please sir! -- ANSWER-
You must read the Gospel or Bible every night, this is how you you will begin to be blessed, because the Gospel is not a book: only, but instead it is the living Word(Wisdom, Verbum)of God
2/2 ANONIMUS said: But I just want to mention his name to my SF year. church when you pray for me please?! -ANSWER-- my Ministry operates on a global scale, ie, can engage an entire class of people, and bring it before the Throne of God. However, it is also a duty and an honor for me to pray for you! If I put my prayer in the my mind? This would last only a moment .. but, if I entrust at the my spirit the prayer for you? then my spirit will follow your spirit forever .. this is the law of the Kingdom of God! you follow the ways of God. and do not be discouraged by the passage of the time .. because it is in place a purification for our souls .. but I am sure of this: "Certainly, the desert will blossom like a flower field, courage, fear not: he comes to save you"