fossil footprints of a man; in the same: fossil footprints of dinosaur

1/14[trace fossil of man in trace fossil of dinosur] demoate an ideological crime: high treason, for conspiracy, for a: theory eternal: of evolution [["Geologists for Creation"]] @ Rothschild: I have not entered into Freemasonry as you would have wanted: "FuckYou!" for ideological crime: Satanism, naturalism, that is, a religion, for Satanism:The evolution is for: be an fuck, against all us: for do as slave all us: ie, make animals all man and women !!".Many scientists, especially when, they no longer need to depend: economically, that is, at the time of retirement: throw away the mask of hypocrisy and ignorance, They make the convert to the truth, that they become Christians: too. it was this:

2/14[trace fossil of man in trace fossil of dinosaur] slander, which was been the subject, the famous scientist and the Geophysical Paleontologist: Floyd Jones phd, thd Geophysicist, Paleantologist. Dr. Carl Baugh, asks him: "What, as a fervent evolutionist: like you, then, did you become: a creationist?" Dr.Floyd Jones: responds: "The event determinant, was resulting in, to what happened: 1. why, of my great culture, and many skills:degrees, doctorates and specializations: in the words of scientific fields, 2. why, for my intellectual honesty! In fact, after I had specialized in: chemistry and mathematics, I could not: pretend to ignore, what, that: I had understood. "Dr.Carl Baugh says, "you want to say, that, your professors have taught to you, things: partial,and ambiguous?

3/14[trace fossil of man in trace fossil of dinosaur] dr. Floyd Jones says, "exactly, exactly! But, by when I am a scientist, more mature, I has understood that, the things did not fit, many scientific conclusions, of other fields of knowledge? were been placed in contrast! indeed, what they had taught me, in geology, it went against the laws of chemistry, physics,statistics and probability. When I returned from my professors at the University of Missoury, I thought, that, my teachers: they could respond: to the my arguments. So,I went: to three of them, individually, one by one, and I did them questions like: eg:.about: the second law of thermodynamics, etc. ..

4/14[trace fossil of man, in trace fossil of dinosaur] indeed: they said, that the things, are going: to degrade: by alone, but, even them have taught me, that, in the theory of evolution: the things are go to improve, by themselves: their own, divenedo more organized and complex. But, this was, really: very strange, for me because all three: my teachers, instead of giving answers to me, they began to give, to me of the insults: They have praised: me, continually throughout my university career. but, now, Individually, they were very angry against me (LOL. Masons?). But, I was right, for their, I was been, the their model student, but, they were never angry against me, in the past

5/14[trace fossil of man: in trace fossil of dinosaur] instead of answers, they started to accuse me, of being a Christian, but, this was not true, in fact, even though, I was only a Baptist, that is, something formal: superficial: ie of social, such as all, that is, I was not yet: a Christian "born again", I still had not been aware, of my divine nature. So, as, I have assured at them, of not being a Christian, I could continue to do my questions, however, they did not have the answers for me ... well, this, I understand, that, when people get angry, on religious matters (LOL. Evolutionism is religion), it is because they do not have the answers. is this, that, I found it very divertenete, that

6 / 14 [trace fossil of man in trace fossil of dinosaur] all three, I was accused of the same heresy (LOL.avi from the evolutionist viewpoint), but it was precisely for this reason that I have become: a "true" Christian, because, because, they were in a lie: they hated Christianity, then, the truth would only be preserved: in Christianity. They were my teachers, who forced me to a religious choice, I was put up by them "religiously" in front, at a crossroads. "Or, I followed the religion of evolution, or: I was a Christian." So, I realized that I had to start looking, my Creator, the Lord Jesus, and finally, I met him:

7/14[trace fossil of man, in trace fossil of dinosaur] Finally, I found God, like millions of others, I too have met to him. "With this inner light, I'm back: back on my text: university books: the geology of based, ecc.. but: I was flabbergasted, not knowing, that, when: I was reading, not quite right: with that: that, I had learned, in other scientific disciplines, so, if you today, I do not: I have all the answers, at hand, however, I am no longer: in the lie of evolution. The only sure thing? is that: I had met God, the only one, who, has all the answers for me! "thus: in this way: the scientist " Floyd Jones phd, thd Geophysicist, Paleantologist "has become a" Christian, born again, "

8/14[trace fossil of man. in trace fossil of dinosaur] Finally, as a prize: of a lifetime of value: is been the knowing, at last: in a personal way: the its Creator. dr.Floyd Jones is a lovely man: his whole life was a complete success: it was: the first, everywhere: to college, etc. .. He is accustomed to being the winner, victorious. It is a blessed man who, he knows, as how to find the right way, and knows how to persevere in justice! In the first: two years of graduate studies in mathematics: Floyd Jones, has never missed a problem: his vote: he was always:"100". From the observation, of all fossil fuels, and for the perfection of ripples: that, disappear, even after one night spent, in the humidity? Must be regarded, necessarily, that the process of fossilization? is occurred very quickly!

9/14[trace fossil of man; in trace fossil of dinosaur] The fossilization is made possible only and solely, in sedimentary rocks, that are been produced, probably due to a flood(in most cases), as it is verifiable, of the stratifications, that is a constant, that is on all the planet. dr. Floyd Jones, says:"the fossil jellyfish: it's been buried alive: that is, has been suppressed! Like the rest, almost all of the fossil, which all have suffered: an immediate burial, to have been: all fossil for Smothering, anywhere, in the world". Floyd Jones, says: "My belief is: that: the planet Earth, as well: all the whole universe has: 6000 years or so, just like that, as the Bible says, this is also analyzed, from my personal study, for my mathematical investigation,

10/14[fossil footprints of a man: in the fossil footprints of dinosaur]my study about the dating? soon: will be published". dr.Floyd Jones says: "Also, I have been part: of the theory of evolution, why, in the past, also I: too, like all people, could not understand, how it was done, the calculation concerning, the dating of the so-called: "ERE geological ".. sic .. well, I had to do, all my many: skills, PhD, specialist degrees, etc. .. doctorates, etc. .. in a time, where, I was not even: a Christian "born again", to arrive at understand: that the basic formula: used to calculate the dating, of the radiometric rocks? is a: trick fraud! In fact, the basic of the equation, port equal to "x", the age of the rock, which, we want to know

11/14[fossil footprints of a man, in the same: fossil footprints of dinosaur] we do not know, and another, "calculation equation", ie, others: 7 values: that: they must be known in order to solve: this equation! but, Unfortunately, we do not know: and We shall not never know: FIVE of these values. So the question is this: "how do I solve a calculation, if, I do not know, 5: values ​​on: 7? What, reliability mathematics, can there be? in the science of evolution, in mode: so dishonest, converts: ie, that, 5 values, unknowable, they dishonestly assumed: to be equal to:"zero", and it is only in this way, that, they get, all their fake astronomical numbers, why, the result is that the "zero",almost all : deletes: Because, we force the math to generate: large numbers, and we know that

12/14[ [fossil footprints of a man: in the same, fossil footprints of dinosaur] ]ignorant evolutionists donkey fraud? have needs large numbers, to make credible evolution. "Dr.Baught Carl, says: "and in this way, that they have information twisted:(that is, lol. a finger in the ass, and a hand on the crystal ball), and the basic concept, becomes favorable for the naturalistic model: this. must be said: "can not exist. a precise date, from the point of view: mathematics, physics, chemistry, radiometric, is right, said: you can not prove: that: the earth has more: a few thousand: of years. " If all the fossils, were dated: with the "Carbon 14"and if part of it, has been degraded during the flood? the result would be identical, ie, we would have only a few thousand years! Indeed: Giobbe cap.40: said, that, man was contemporary with the dinosaurs,

13/14[ [fossil footprints of a man; in the same: fossil footprints of dinosaur]we have demonstrated, with a whole series of these fossils, ie, the footprint of a man well-defined, within that of a dinosaur, ECC.. ecc..and that's that. dr.Floyd Jones, says:"all the fossils, that are been found: only: in the sedimentary rock. But, the method of "carbon 14", and also the method "radiometric", it work: only for the: igneous rock, where there are "not": fossils. But, fossil there are only: in sedimentary rock, there, can not be, the radioactive elements, since they are soluble in water, is why, can not there be a scientific method for dating a fossil"

14/14[(fossil footprints of a man; in the same: fossil footprints of dinosaur)]Baught Carl, says: "then, is why, there can not be a scientific computation: for the dating of the rock? why, you need to have"faith ", if you" believe ",lol. in the theory of evolution". but, dr. Floyd Jones, said: "The only way that we have to look a fossil? is that for the sedimentation! ie the work of the water, which created layers, which are like a constant, which covers all the Planet Earth "Amen.halleujah. Gloria a Dio per sempre! è gioia per tutti i popoli liberati dal satanismo del signoraggio bancario